Oral presentations are organized in sessions scheduled in specific lecture rooms, indicated in the programme. The oral sessions are scheduled in four 105-minute time blocks per day. Please note that the duration assigned to your oral presentation includes 3 minutes for questions and discussion and for change-over to the next speaker (e.g. a 15-minute talk should be 12 minutes of presentation + 3 minutes of discussion). All lecture rooms offer 16:9 projection.

It is strictly prohibited to take photos of any scientific material without the explicit permission from the authors. Authors are therefore asked to indicate explicitly on the first slide of their presentation whether they forbid or allow photography of their work. Please download EGU's official graphics for inclusion in your presentation: photography encouraged | photography NOT allowed

The oral presentations are not organized centrally. Therefore, authors are kindly asked to upload their presentations directly in the respective lecture room 30 minutes prior to the time block of the session. A lecture room assistant will be available if you need help.

Time block Presentations Presentation upload
TB1 08:30–10:15 08:00–08:30
TB2 10:45–12:30 10:15–10:45
TB3 14:00–15:45 13:30–14:00
TB4 16:15–18:00 15:45–16:15

Lecture room equipment

  • Video projector
  • Notebook for the upload of presentations (USB flash drive only), including Internet connection
  • Presenter panel to connect a personal notebook to the projector via a switch (VGA and HDMI including power supply)*
  • Bluetooth presenter to switch slides (laser pointer also provided)
  • Presentation timer with displays for presenter and chairperson
  • Speaker microphone
  • Wireless handheld discussion microphones (larger rooms only)
  • PC sound is not a standard feature in the lecture rooms but will be provided when needed. Please inform the conference assistant in your lecture room when you upload your presentation.

*Each lecture room is equipped with a presenter panel with four independent sites consisting of power sockets plus a VGA cable each, where authors can install, in the order of presentation, their computers before the time block starts and remove them after the time block has ended. The panel also includes an HDMI plug. Please keep in mind that Austria runs a 220V electricity network.

Lecture rooms with double/triple projection and/or additional screens do not provide presenters or laser pointers. Authors are provided with a mouse serving as slide switcher and as pointer. This is beneficial for the audience since presenters can only point to one screen at a time when using laser pointers.

Lecture room software

The notebook in each lecture is equipped with the latest versions of the following software:

  • Windows 10;
  • MS Office (Power Point, Word);
  • LibreOffice;
  • Adobe Reader;
  • GPL Ghostscript;
  • GSview;
  • Internet Explorer;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Windows Media Player;
  • Real Player;
  • QuickTime;
  • VLC media player;
  • Adobe Flash Player;
  • Adobe Shockwave.

Oral no-shows

Inclusion of your abstract in the conference programme obliges you or one of your co-authors to present your contribution at the time and in the manner indicated. If you already know that your contribution will not be presented, you are asked to withdraw your abstract as soon as possible.

At the conference, missing presentations are categorized as no-shows if the abstract has not been withdrawn by the time of the presentation as given in the programme. Such no-shows will be recorded and conveners will be informed after the conference. No-show authors will be asked for reasons. Without appropriate reasons, these abstracts and their PDF files will be removed from the conference website and a message "withdrawn after no-show" is added to the presentation slot in the online programme.