The EGU General Assembly Job Centre offers the opportunity to connect employers/recruiters and highly-qualified candidates in the Earth, planetary, and space sciences. A conference registration as participant or as exhibitor is required to take part in the job centre. Room -2.34 on the Brown Level -2 – basement is reserved for job presentations. It is equipped with a projector and is available for employers/recruiters to present their vacancy(ies) on their own notebook. Job presentations are listed online in the meeting programme in programme group JC. Next to the job presentation room, rooms -2.35 and -2.36 are available for job interviews. These are booked through door sign-up sheets.

Employers and recruiters

Employers and recruiters are provided with two options of advertising vacancies: you can put up paper-copy job adverts or small brochures on the job-posting pillar close to room -2.32. In addition, if you are interested in booking a time slot in the job presentation room having a 30-minute presentation for interested job seekers, you are kindly asked to check first the schedule below to find your favoured day and time. Then, please send an email by 4 April 2019 to with the following information:

  • Name of company/organization
  • Name of contact person
  • Email
  • Job description
  • Website (job advert or career portal)
  • Favoured time slots

Job presentation bookings after 4 April 2019 should be made directly at the EGU Information in the entrance hall (Yellow Level – ground floor).

Job presentation sessions

The sessions for job presentations are scheduled in room -2.34 from Monday to Friday in the following time blocks:

Time block Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:45–11:15 occupied occupied occupied occupied occupied
11:20–11:50 occupied occupied occupied occupied
12:00–12:30 occupied occupied occupied occupied occupied
14:00–14:30 occupied occupied occupied
14:40–15:10 occupied occupied occupied occupied
16:15–16:45 occupied occupied occupied
16:50–17:20 occupied occupied
17:30–18:00 occupied

Job seekers

Looking for a position? We encourage job seekers to be active in various ways:

  • Open Science Clinique: boost the IMPACT and the evaluation of your next research grant! Ivo Grigorov, Grants Expert at Danish Technical University (DTU Aqua) offers 30 min individual consultations on how to integrate Open Science strategically in your research design, and gain evaluation points in the process. Bring a proposal draft and an Open Mind!
  • Visit the job presentations in room -2.34: check the meeting programme for programme group JC – GA Job Centre to find days and times of your employers of interest.
  • Present yourself at the open stages Meet the talents, Tuesday and Thursday, 18:00–19:00, on the gallery on the Green Level 1 (first floor). Stephanie Zihms, Mathis Bloßfeld, and Anouk Beniest organizes these events on-spot. Just come along and show your face to exhibitors and other potential employers.
  • Use EGU's online job platform: search for vacancies at:
  • Post your CV: at the entrance of the GA Job Centre, close to room -2.32, there is a job-posting pillar offering space to put up your CV.
  • Find job postings on-site: the job-posting pillar close to room -2.32 also offers employers/recruiters the opportunity to put up job adverts.


For further questions, please contact