Location Rooms Poster areas / other

Blue Level 3 – third floor

Rooms 3.12–97

EGU Council (by invitation only)
Executive editors' lounge (by invitation only)

Red Level 2 – second floor

Rooms 2.15–95, B, C

Posters (Hall A with coffee spots)
Editors’ lounge (near Foyer B)
Networking & ECS zone (near Foyer C)
Seating (Foyers A, B, C)
Refreshments (Restaurant – Foyer B)

Green Level 1 – first floor

Rooms 1.61–85, L1–8, M1/2, N1/2

Exhibition (Gallery)
Open stage for job seakers
Kids' corner
Seating (Gallery & Foyer L)

Yellow Level 0 – ground floor

Rooms 0.11–96, E1/2, F1/2

Breastfeeding room 0.64
Multi-faith prayer rooms 0.65/66

Registration (Hall X5)
Posters (Halls X4, X5 – with coffee spots)
PICO upload & preview (Hall X5)
PICO spots 4, 5a, 5b (Halls X4 & X5)
Exhibition (Entrance hall)
EGU Information
EGU Lounge (Foyer E)
Press centre (Foyer F)
Hotel reservation (hotels & tours)
Poster print service
Meeting point
Seating (Foyer F)
Refreshments (Restaurant – Foyer F, Café Motto and Toasty station – Entrance hall)

Brown Level -2 – basement

Rooms -2.16–91, G1/2, K1/2, D1–3

Job interwies & presentations
Quiet rooms

Posters (Halls X1, X2, X3 – with coffee spots)
PICO spots 1, 3 (Halls X1 & X3)
EGU & Friends (Hall X2)
Photo competition
Mineral exhibition
Seating (Foyers D, G, K)
Refreshments (Hall X2, Foyer D)